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Prince’s Music Soon To Top Piracy List

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Legendary musician, Prince died on Thursday; he was 57. The artist’s work was searched like crazy after news of his death in connection to celebrate his work and life. But the bad news is that people have chosen the wrong route by torrenting his work. It may be noted that Prince’s work is soon to Top the chart on Torrenting site like The Pirate Bay. Among his works the albums controversy and 1999 have reached the top ranks. Prince’s discography is listed 12 on the listing. It is unfortunate to note the people have decided to torrent his music, despite the artist being a staunch adversary of piracy and digital music. It may be mentioned here that Prince tried to sue Pirate Bay in three countries in the year 2007, but the cases were left unattended.


In another incident Prince sued 22 fans for posting his live concert online for $22 million, this case also was not pursued. It is sad to note that the artist who is an ardent opponent of pirated music is no more there to see his works being pirated. The artist would be pained and saddened at this if he were alive today. Despite this, his music is available on Pirate Bay and other torrenting websites contrary to what the artist would have liked. His ardent fans are not keeping his legacy alive but instead are doing exactly opposite of what he would have wanted to happen. True fans of Prince should not be part of this piracy war and ensure his legacy is kept alive.

Prince’s albums are available for streaming on TIDAL including 1999, 1989 Batman soundtrack and Purple Rain. Tidal offers these videos at $9.99 per month and you can sign up for a 30 day trial for free. The music is available on iTunes and Amazon as well for those music lovers who want to keep the artists values alive.

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Youtube Gets Into Digital Asset Creation Business

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YouTube will be investing a whopping amount to give the artists a career boost. It is speculated that the venture is a digital asset creation. This came into existence after Apple Music created checkbook to fund the blockbuster videos and music productions for Coldplay, The 1975 and Drake. Now it is clear where all the money is moving. To begin with YouTube started small by making videos of upcoming artists through a training initiative named Foundry. The Foundry Workshops are created with upcoming music talent located in London and LA. The live videos will be broadcast on YouTube this week.

Similarly, another Foundry session is likely to be held in New York with upcoming artists that include The Chicago Kid and Germaine of R&B act. This is just the beginning of YouTube’s initiative. The online company has kickstarted talks with leading music business companies in the future weeks and will discuss deeper about the collaboration. During the meeting, it is expected YouTube will chalk out ways to promote the artists in a better way using their exclusive videos.

Artists will be provided with loads of benefits like the opportunity to promote their video on Web TV series in exchange for services rendered towards YouTube’s initiative. Apart from these benefits, YouTube will be providing the artists with post production and video production resources to shoot their videos. This will lead to YouTube opening their original channel to the music talent. The Original shows will collaborate TV-style production values, hi-spec and amateur broadcasting personalities like Lilly Singh and PewDiePie.

Now the question remains which figures YouTube is targeting. YouTube is all set to make it mammoth resources available to fuel the promotions of the record industry. Early this year YouTube acquired the $8m BandPage that is more related to the fans. YouTube will target the leading artists by offering all resources to create their exclusive videos, and even exclusive YouTube shows clubbed with promotion commitment and extensive marketing.

Despite the strategy, YouTube may find it tough to neutralize the intimidation of Apple Music. Spotify and TIDAL. YouTube is also negotiating with Universal Music Group with their long-term licensing deal as the previous deal has expired.

All You Want To Know About The Year Of Pop Culture 1971

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David Hepworth claims that 1971 was always the best year of pop culture, in his book ‘1971- Never a Dull Moment.’ David Bowie made headlines first in that year at the Glastonbury festival. It was also the year in which he created Ziggy Stardust, his alternative persona; Hunky Dory was also recorded in 1971. Likewise, Sticky Fingers was released by The Rolling Stones and Exile on Main Street was recorded by them in the same year. There were record-breaking sales of Carole King’s album; heaviest rock songs were made by The Who and Led Zeppelin. Such significant songs were made in the year 1971.

The year started with splitting up of The Beatle, and the end was the American Pie by Don McLean. David Hepworth feels that the year 1971 was the most influential year of pop culture music. Other critics, however, claim that the year of influence might vary according to the person’s interest; as one might find the year 1977 influential with punk rock rocketing off the charts. Blonde on Blonde, Pet Sounds, and Revolver were the greatest mile stones in 1966.
David Hepworth however, claims that when personal choices might vary between individuals, he says that 1971 was the best pop culture year as he has given proof in the form of an entire book. Hepworth, being in the field as an editor, has keen knowledge and compares many events before concluding the success of an artist. He looks through the technological changes, the interest of the artist and many more factors.

Hepworth highly criticizes the trio Rod Stewart, Cat Stevens and Marc Bolan as old- fashioned and vague singers. He also claims that he could find the starting of modern urban music in There’s a Riot Going by Sly Stone and What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye. Hepworth also states that 1971 was a wonderful year for music that was recorded. He also states the reasons for the great musical group, Led Zeppelin to not have entered the digital recording era, despite their mystique and swagger.

He ends the book with Elvis Presley’s tour on his greatest hits, which was seen as a forerunner for the way music to be represented in the 21st century- a tour, Vegas -style. According to some, 1971 might not be the best year in pop culture. The trends identified by Hepworth, such as preferring albums more than singles was seen even before the 70’s. But, for single artists producing their songs to be preferred over live bands might have taken decades to happen. He doesn’t mention The Beatles or Bob Dylan as much, both of whom were considered the influential figures of the era.