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Things Not To Miss In Game Of Thrones This Week


Game of Thrones took a new dimension this Sunday, as players were confused if the past is back to haunt or empower. Bran Strak saw the best of two worlds. Bran experienced historical images from the seven kingdoms and woke up to find that he was being protected by his past. Daenerys reunites with the dragons from the past and gathers Dothraki subjects. Sam Tarwell is back with his family for a cold reception. Arya caught up with Lannister happenings viewing street plays and decided to take a new path. Here again, another character comes from the past.

The five major aspects you missed on Game of Throne this week include. Benjen Stark saved Bran and Meera. He was seen last in the third episode of the first season. But he was able to make an impact even during his absence. Ned Stark’s younger brother was responsible for Jon Snow’s appearance, who was a member of Night’s Watch. Benjen was off on a mission to the North of the wall while Jon was training. When Benjen did not return, Jon began a search party. Now that he is back, he will be the major part in Bran’s to be in the Three Eyed Raven.

The Heartsbane, the legendary family sword held by the family for 500 years was stolen by Sam before running away from the family with Gilly. It turned out to be one of the very few materials that can be used to kill White Walkers apart from the dragonstone. There are other two swords made of steel, one belonging to Jon Snow and the other to Brienne of the Tarth.


Bran was able to see more than what the average man can experience in a flash. He was able to see more than what normal persons normally sees in near death experience. While speaking behind the scenes, David Benioff, cocreator said that Bran had to grasp the world history in imagery. Bran is no longer Bran but a Three Eyed Raven that is not human any more. Moreover, it is the maiden time legendary Mad King makes his appearance. Daenary’s dad and Targaryen sit on the Iron Throne. Now, what does this mean? Wait and watch.

Edmure Tully was last seen during the third season in the Red Wedding murders. He is Catelyn Stark’s sibling. Edmure replaces Robb Stark in the Roslin Frey wedding. He is now out on a bargain for the Riverrun land owned by his family.

The Daenerys speech was familiar as it was from the Khal Drogo speech of the first season. The speech by Khal Drogo was one of the favorite scenes from the first season informs David Benioff, cocreator of the episode. The speech stuck with Daenerys, and she is mouthing the same words when speaking to Dothraki.

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Apple Music Hits A Whopping 13 Million Subscribers

apple music

Apple CEO Tim Cook is happy with the whopping number of subscribers on Apple Music, a music streaming service. The paid subscription has reached 13 million. Early in February this year it was announced that the subscription reaches 11 million. Which means in a matter of three months it increase by 2 million paid subscribers. The growth is incredible giving that the app is available for the iPhone. It takes Apple to the second place after Spotify that has 30 million paid subscribers to their credit. It may be mentioned that Spotify has been around for a long time now.

Following closely is TIDAL, owned by Jay-Z music service. It got a boost with their exclusive right acquired for Beyonce’s latest album Lemonade. Until March 2016, there were only 3 million subscribers. Apple has to its credit a limited deal exclusively with Drake for his latest album, titled Views From the 6. This is deemed to attract more users and can keep the subscriptions coming for Apple Music. Meanwhile Tim Cook mentioned that Apple Music is the first of Apple’s subscription business. It may be noted that Apple has offered iCloud services for a monthly storage plan for a few years now.

subscribe music

Apple Music has made its way to over 100 countries, and it is all set to celebrate its first anniversary in June 2015. Apple Music is predicted to hit the 15 million mark gaining prominence over Spotify that has a subscription of over 20 million and around 75 million active users just weeks before Apple Music was launched. Apple is promoting Apple Music with exclusive releases and artist videos from Drake, Taylor Swift and more. It also plans to debut a TV show with ace star Dr. Dre. Apple music is right now priced at $9.99 per month and $14.99 for a family of six users.

The success of Apple is seen with the music company attaching more credit cards to the iTunes account. This makes it easier for customers to make a subscription to Apple services and make a purchase of Apple content. The impressive growth of Apple Music is steady and is in the right direction.

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Prince’s Music Soon To Top Piracy List

prince music

Legendary musician, Prince died on Thursday; he was 57. The artist’s work was searched like crazy after news of his death in connection to celebrate his work and life. But the bad news is that people have chosen the wrong route by torrenting his work. It may be noted that Prince’s work is soon to Top the chart on Torrenting site like The Pirate Bay. Among his works the albums controversy and 1999 have reached the top ranks. Prince’s discography is listed 12 on the listing. It is unfortunate to note the people have decided to torrent his music, despite the artist being a staunch adversary of piracy and digital music. It may be mentioned here that Prince tried to sue Pirate Bay in three countries in the year 2007, but the cases were left unattended.


In another incident Prince sued 22 fans for posting his live concert online for $22 million, this case also was not pursued. It is sad to note that the artist who is an ardent opponent of pirated music is no more there to see his works being pirated. The artist would be pained and saddened at this if he were alive today. Despite this, his music is available on Pirate Bay and other torrenting websites contrary to what the artist would have liked. His ardent fans are not keeping his legacy alive but instead are doing exactly opposite of what he would have wanted to happen. True fans of Prince should not be part of this piracy war and ensure his legacy is kept alive.

Prince’s albums are available for streaming on TIDAL including 1999, 1989 Batman soundtrack and Purple Rain. Tidal offers these videos at $9.99 per month and you can sign up for a 30 day trial for free. The music is available on iTunes and Amazon as well for those music lovers who want to keep the artists values alive.

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