All You Want To Know About The Year Of Pop Culture 1971

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David Hepworth claims that 1971 was always the best year of pop culture, in his book ‘1971- Never a Dull Moment.’ David Bowie made headlines first in that year at the Glastonbury festival. It was also the year in which he created Ziggy Stardust, his alternative persona; Hunky Dory was also recorded in 1971. Likewise, Sticky Fingers was released by The Rolling Stones and Exile on Main Street was recorded by them in the same year. There were record-breaking sales of Carole King’s album; heaviest rock songs were made by The Who and Led Zeppelin. Such significant songs were made in the year 1971.

The year started with splitting up of The Beatle, and the end was the American Pie by Don McLean. David Hepworth feels that the year 1971 was the most influential year of pop culture music. Other critics, however, claim that the year of influence might vary according to the person’s interest; as one might find the year 1977 influential with punk rock rocketing off the charts. Blonde on Blonde, Pet Sounds, and Revolver were the greatest mile stones in 1966.
David Hepworth however, claims that when personal choices might vary between individuals, he says that 1971 was the best pop culture year as he has given proof in the form of an entire book. Hepworth, being in the field as an editor, has keen knowledge and compares many events before concluding the success of an artist. He looks through the technological changes, the interest of the artist and many more factors.

Hepworth highly criticizes the trio Rod Stewart, Cat Stevens and Marc Bolan as old- fashioned and vague singers. He also claims that he could find the starting of modern urban music in There’s a Riot Going by Sly Stone and What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye. Hepworth also states that 1971 was a wonderful year for music that was recorded. He also states the reasons for the great musical group, Led Zeppelin to not have entered the digital recording era, despite their mystique and swagger.

He ends the book with Elvis Presley’s tour on his greatest hits, which was seen as a forerunner for the way music to be represented in the 21st century- a tour, Vegas -style. According to some, 1971 might not be the best year in pop culture. The trends identified by Hepworth, such as preferring albums more than singles was seen even before the 70’s. But, for single artists producing their songs to be preferred over live bands might have taken decades to happen. He doesn’t mention The Beatles or Bob Dylan as much, both of whom were considered the influential figures of the era.

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